1080 Production is where innovation meets production, where concept development meets implementation and where our experience allows us to push limits.

We work with technical solutions, set-building, custom solutions, venue design, brand activation and everything in between.

1080 PRODUCTION takes creative ideas from the drawing board to practical implementation. Hard earned experience and a deep understanding of event planning and execution facilitate this unique insight, enabling 1080 to always deliver creative and customized technical solutions. No challenge is too great, and no problem unsolvable. 1080 Production engages in any project as a full-service unit, providing all the necessary sparring, creative input and technical insight to ensure a success for the clients. A deep respect for the creative concept and desired message is always the starting point when products are developed: a philosophy taking the whole project to a higher level. From the team’s background in the experience industry, they have gained a substantial technical and conceptual expertise. As entrepreneurs with pioneering minds, 1080 Production seek to raise the bar for creative event execution, and are proud to have been the driving forces behind leading event agencies over the years.

A major HIGHLIGHT of 1080 Production’s portfolio is the genial implementation of a curved display screen with a 245 square meter surface, made of perforated cinema canvas. The result was remarkable: measuring 5.5 x 45 meters, and curving with the radius of 36 meters, the screen set the scene for an unforgettable event.

TALL GROUP has contributed with extensive knowledge and sparring in the formation of 1080 Production, drawing on a wide array of experiences in order to provide in-depth solutions to any challenge. For this reason, 1080 Production is now a sustainable and creative business unit with many exciting projects to boast of

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