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Sony – Into The Music is an award-winning campaign, based on the fundamental idea of fusing music and art.

The campaign was a successful – commercial – collaboration with cultural institutions across Scandinavia, putting emphasis on the important link between music and artworks.

Into the Music was mobilized in order to spur new ways of experiencing music and art, adding an extra level to culture. By accompanying famous artworks with the artist’s own musical inspiration, new dimensions were added to familiar faces, generating exceptional experiences for the audience.


Terminalerne Venue operation & urban development Read more

Terminalerne is the new and ambitious urban project of Copenhagen: a venue rich with extraordinary views, calming water, and vibrant possibilities. All by itself, yet at the center of everything.

A result of diligent and coordinated efforts between TALL GROUP and CCO Architects, Terminalerne is something of an innovative and groundbreaking project, aiming to catalyze the urban development of Københavns Nordhavn: an area of the city that is currently expanding, and is expected to boom within the next decade.

By factoring an all year use of the buildings, the strength of Terminalerne as a venue is its location and adaptibility. TALL GROUP suggested a useful utilization of the area during the winter season, where the buildings would otherwise have been empty, emphasizing a sustainable and complete solution to the development of the new area.

Tap1 Venue operation & urban development Read more

TAP1 was developed completely from scratch by the team behind TALL GROUP.

From its former state as bottling plant, to its current state as renowned venue, a  complete transformation has taken place. The fact that TAP1 is now the most secure venue in Copenhagen is a result of thorough and diligent work on behalf of TALL GROUP, implementing crucial knowledge and expertise to ensure that all guests can feel completely safe, knowing that all aspects of the specific event have been considered. TAP1 is fully capable of handling large crowds, and is therefore the obvious choice when planning major events.

Additionally, TAP1 has contributed to the remarkable urban development of the Carlsberg area, revitalizing the neighborhood by generating traffic and modernizing the area. Today, TAP1 is transformed into a fully sustainable experience venue, positioning itself as a considerable cultural asset to the city of Copenhagen.

Tap1 Live Event Read more

Since the venue opened in 2009, the Tall Group team has executed around 5-10 concerts a year in TAP1. Consequently, the concert venue has gained a reputation as one of the city’s best and most respected locations for this type of events.

TAP1 Live targets both national as well as major international artists such as Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey and Robyn, challenging traditional formats in order to upgrade the experience. Managing Director, Rikke Friis Assentoft, contemplates that ‘the real challenge lies within rethinking the traditional way of experiencing live music, to keep the audience coming back’. TAP1 Live therefore continually tries to think outside the box, committed to discovering new ways to refresh the live music industry. To this end, TALL GROUP assists with creative sparring, planning and hands-on management of large events, drawing on all our areas of expertise in realizing each case to its full potential.


….the real challenge lies within rethinking the
traditional way of experiencing live music,
to keep the audience coming back

Dansk Industri Conference Read more

The annual meeting of the Danish corporate giant, Dansk Industri (Confederation of Danish Industry), is an excellent example of how the team behind Tall Group excels in collaboration. The business summit was held twice in TAP1, presenting key political figures as well as a thousand leading chief executives at the large-scale event.  This required careful consideration of everything from security to sectioning of the space into both plenary and smaller breakout rooms suited for the purpose.

1080: Display screen Tecnical production Read more

1080 Production accepts any challenge with their head held high: No challenge is too great, and no problem unsolvable.

For STV Event, the company created a remarkable curved display screen made of perforated canvas from a cinema, measuring 5.5 x 45 meters and curving with the radius of 36 meters. The result of 1080 Production’s assignment was an enormous and truly remarkable screen with a 245 square feet surface setting the scene for an unforgettable event.

Defining Scandinavia Design & Living fair Read more

Defining Scandinavia was an international platform for Scandinavian design and living, aiming to unite and promote some of the leading brands within these categories. The unique trade platform was based on an idea of merging fashion and interior design, developing a creative concept that works closely together with the biannual fashion week in Copenhagen. The philosophy was to promote the significant Scandinavian aesthetics and sense of style, and promote this to the rest of the world.

CPH kids Kids fashion fair Read more

Established in 2009, CPH Kids is an innovative fashion fair for children’s clothing and accessories, originating from the desire to rethink the industry and the ways it is presented. The fair revolutionised the market for kids fashion, providing an innovative trading platform with a unique identity for brands to be showcased on.

Through pioneering thinking, the founder of the fair, Lone Holm, managed to launch a refreshing initiative in a time marked by the financial crisis, and the consequently stagnating business of retail.

The platform attracted some of the most ambitious brands in the industry over six seasons, establishing strong and lasting relationships with prominent ambassadors of contemporary currents within the industry. CPH KIDS raised the bar for kids fashion, making a solid statement and daring to go against the mainstream and the mastodons of the business.

Today, CPH KIDS as a physical platform no longer exists, but the spirit of the company lives on, and the team behind offers consultancy services, helping brands to gain foothold through targeted communication and sales.

Russia meets denmark Conference Read more

In 2010, the large-scale political conference, Russia Meets Denmark, was held in TAP1.

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Project Fox Communications Read more

Project Fox is renowned in the advertising world for its huge impact as an innovative marketing campaign, launching the Volkswagen car ‘Fox’ under massive media coverage. The award-winning project was created by Agenda Group, which was led at the time by Laust Christian Poulsen, CEO and founder of Tall Group.

Project Fox is remembered for its ambitious juxtaposition of citizens and professionals, aiming to generate interest from not only the press, but the public as well. Over three intense weeks, 800 journalists and more than 20.000 Danish citizens stopped by Hotel Fox in the center of Copenhagen to experience the work of 21 visual artists, who had arrived from five continents to transform the hotel. The artists redecorated 61 rooms into unique pieces of art, ensuring an exclusive and groundbreaking experience.

To this day, Project Fox is one of the most successful launches in Denmark, and across Europe as well.

From magazine Print Read more

FROM was launched in 2011 to meet the increasing demand for alternative explorations of youth culture. The magazine has so far released three issues, and is currently developing as a dynamic online feature. The creative onset of the magazine is to develop an understanding of the currents and happenings in youth culture – in their own words essentially to find out if the ‘kids are alright’. Tall Group emphasizes the importance of investigating these issues, and continues to support the development of FROM with creative thoughts and sparring.