TAP1 is a leading experience venue in Copenhagen, hosting both corporate and public events with great success. The venue is suitable for large concerts, fairs and conferences, providing full-scale services within the areas of developing, planning and executing events.


TAP1 is Copenhagen’s newest experience venue for large-scale concerts and events. The venue spans over 8000 square meters in the center of Copenhagen. Located in the Carlsberg district, the capital’s new creative neighborhood, TAP1 sets the scene for a wide range of commercial and cultural events. From beer festivals and culinary events, to visual arts. Stay up to date on upcoming events on TAP1s Facebook and Instagram.

TAP1 is known as a versatile venue, which its portfolio clearly shows – check out our cases right here


As a music venue, TAP1 is really rather unique. To reduce noise in the old bottling plant, Carlsberg established numerous acoustic panels, soundproof ceilings and insulated brick walls. This has created an acoustic sound that is unique for a venue of this size. Both national and international artists have already enjoyed playing here, and the joy is no less for the audience.

At the same time, a well-supplied bar, as well as well-functioning wardrobes and restrooms, make it easy to focus solely on the music.


TAP1 is an excellent example of hard work that pays off: in 2009, the highly regarded team behind the venue began the radical transformation of the former bottling plant into the major success that it is today – a complete and sustainable experience venue.

The primary force of TAP1 is the extensive background of the passionate and competent organization that runs it. The team continually sets new standards for all the elements that contribute to creating successful events: from logistics and production to customer experience.

TALL GROUP was the driving force behind the realization of TAP1, using an array of resources and shared experiences in order to develop the venue from scratch. The story of TAP1 is a story of transformation, rooted in a deep understanding of what it means to discover and develop the potential of unique architecture and buildings in new and unforeseeable ways. In relation to this, TALL GROUP has been indispensable, investing all resources in making the venue one of the best in Copenhagen.


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