WDV STUDIO is a design & communication studio based in Copenhagen.

We shape visual identities and create strong strategic design solutions across all types of media.

We hunt visual superiority in scalable squads,
making sure we’re always able to adapt to the challenge in front of us.
While proud of what we do, we’re adamant on always pushing our limits and tracking new game. We insist on providing a high aesthetic standard — recognizing we’re no better than the work we put out.

Meeting new hunters is a gift granting new ideas, techniques and inspiration.
If you’d like to show us what you do, or what we could do for you, feel free to get in touch and drop by for a cup of coffee. We’d love to meet you.


We create a conceptual universe, help you form a recognizable profile, and build a strong visual identity for your brand and help you implement your look and feel across all media.

We create any type of printed media — magazines, lookbooks, flyers, business cards, posters or signage. Whatever the task, we are able to present you with an expressive and meaningful solution.

We design, develop and produce digital concepts, platforms and content — be it a website, video or photo shoot. We make sure that your digital production exudes high production value. Is it written in code, we also ensure that it’s easy to use and works flawlessly in every desktop browser and on any mobile platform.

We write, translate, correct and proof-read texts across all media. Whether the task is to be closely akin to tone and style-specific profiles for press releases and newsletters, or starting from scratch for new brands, magazines or digital platforms.

We create physical show and space designs. Whether it’s a restaurant, a large scale fair, your home, or a shop window — our experience and creativity will complete your space.

+45 5373 7475