New health and beauty care brand, based on vitamin-rich oils that can both be ingested as well as applied to the skin. The aim is to create a complete skin care regimen with double-acting effects, developed from the mantra that ‘we are what we eat’.

The name and identity of the brand is yet to be revealed, as the project is still under development.
However, the brand concept is rooted in an ambition to develop a line that is adjusted according to each season, making it easy to find just the right product.

The brand is developed in close collaboration with an experienced team, whose key expertise is an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the beneficial properties of the novel ingredients that constitute the products. TALL GROUP contributes with in-depth market knowledge, as well as guidance with regard to the development of a sustainable business.

In terms of future projects, this new brand demonstrates the scope of our ambitions with regard to especially product development.